Limits of private liability insurance

Do you know in which areas your private liability insurance does not apply? Many of the affected areas are commonplace but are only partially or not protected by an existing policy. Whether in clubs, sports or a mini-job: You should always check in which situation which insurance would occur.

data protection

 data protection

Distinguishing from damage by data exchange are violations of the Data Protection Act: If you are the operator of a website or a blog, always make sure that you do not use copyrighted material, such as photos, texts, maps, etc.

If so-called “financial losses” arise from a violation of the Data Protection Act, for example due to unauthorized access to third-party account data, this is generally insured – but penalties or warnings for the infringement itself are not accepted. How it looks in your individual case, please refer to the terms and conditions of your liability policy.

Check older policies


Some older policies have not been adapted to today’s challenges: For example, you may not be insured for damage caused by viruses, worms, Trojans, or phishing – modern electronic traffic malware. Be sure to check your policy, especially if it is older.




An employment relationship on a mini-job or 400 Euro basis is, like all paid activities, excluded from private liability insurance. If, for example, a babysitter causes damage in the home – or worse, the child has a bad time – he usually can not regulate this through his own liability insurance. The same applies if he works gratuitously, because then there is a so-called complacency damage, which is not regulated in each policy.

However, some insurers allow the extension of the insurance cover to the item “care by order”. With this extended liability insurance, it is irrelevant whether the supervisor moves in a contractual relationship or in the context of a favoritism in the household.

In other cases, however, can also help the household contents insurance of the parents or the “client” – if it is purely material damage, this is particularly advantageous if a glass insurance or a “risk coverage” was included. So, before you begin working as a babysitter or self-employed, both sides should review their insurance situation or contracts.

Team work

 Team work

The honorary office loses all honor, if a damage occurs, because the private liability insurance insured no damages in the context of the association work. In case of cases the club management has to be liable with all its private assets.

If at a club party a decrepit bank collapses among several guests, in the worst case, the budget of the club does not help much: hospital and medical costs, loss of wages and compensation – even a broken leg is enough to pile up these sums of tens of thousands of euros. For such cases, there is a special club liability insurance.



The protection of your private liability insurance usually applies worldwide. Nevertheless, there are sometimes misunderstandings due to conflicts with the regulation of rental properties: for example, rented bicycles are not covered by liability insurance abroad as well as in Germany – the same applies to the furniture in the hotel or holiday home. If, for example, the TV or a vase breaks down here, it is not the international protection of the insurance that is important, but whether or not damage to rental equipment is included in the contract.

In the end it is always crucial what is written in your liability policy – the benefits mentioned there are then valid worldwide.



When it comes to the use of sports equipment, there are many differences in many contracts: Although there will rarely be problems with the collision of two snowboarders with liability insurance – some providers exclude accidents in winter sports but generally.

It is also decisive whether the sport is carried out purely privately or whether it earns money, because everything that is practiced commercially in the approach is excluded from the protection of private liability insurance – unless the provider allows a corresponding expansion.

For surfboards, the exception confirms the rule: Paradoxically, they are usually insured only when they are rented. The surfboard for personal use, however, and all motorized watercraft, need their own surfboard or water sports liability insurance. Only a few providers can include damage caused by the use of their own surfboard. In return, isolated insurers offer a special sports insurance, which covers the use of almost all sports equipment.

For the passionate athlete in general indispensable: A good health insurance and possibly an accident insurance!

Extreme sports is notifiable


Incidentally, if you run an extreme sport, you must let your accident insurance know about it-otherwise you risk losing your provider’s payment if it does.


Friendship services

 Friendship services

If you help friends relocate, water the flowers with the neighbors or take care of the pets and damage them, you may have to pull out your own purse. According to investigations by Finanztest, most liability insurers do not hedge so-called “complacency damages”. According to case law, in such a case, neither the insurance nor the polluter must pay the costs incurred. Tip: If you arrange a small hourly wage for the relocation aid when moving with your friends and acquaintances, they no longer work legally out of courtesy, but out of their own interest. If there is a case of damage, your liability policy will pay damages.

However, you can only be on the safe side if you extend your personal liability by the benefit of damage due. Without this supplementary agreement, the insurance will only take effect if the damage was caused by gross negligence. The slogan “negligence” is the key word for insurers to decide for or against claim settlement. But when roughly and when it was slightly negligent, is often difficult to distinguish and sometimes causes controversy. By the way, it does not look the same when one of the assistants is damaged in the move: This is usually a classic case of liability insurance.

Take care when storing foreign objects


It can also be complicated if, as a matter of convenience, you keep objects from other people and they are damaged. For example, you have allowed a neighbor to temporarily store his furniture with you – they are severely damaged in a fire. First of all, a distinction has to be made as to whether there has been a so-called custody agreement between you and your neighbor, or whether it is simply a matter of convenience. In the case of a custody contract – written or verbal – the insurance is not obliged to pay, as it is a separate “contractual relationship”. In the case of a mere courtesy service, the insurance company only has to render it in cases of gross negligence – unless they have expressly insured damage due to their satisfaction.



If you borrow a friend’s laptop and damage it, the trouble is great. Maybe now you pretend never to borrow anything again – in this case, the intention is unfortunately not so wrong, because if you borrow a foreign matter and damage them, you are in your liability insurance before closed doors.

But the “facts” of the loan usually leads to rejection at standard rates. The same applies to rented, leased or leased items. Unfortunately, even if you have extended your contract with this service, the situation is not always very clear: for example, damage to leased objects can still be ruled out. To be on the safe side, read the “Lent or rented things” section in the terms of your contract.


If the damage results from the loss of a foreign object, the case is even clearer – or rather “less clear”, because if the item is no longer available, the insurer cannot determine the nature and amount of the damage. Also, the report of a total loss is of little use, because the insurer wants to have the damaged object in any case – only then the claim of the victim is examined and possibly satisfied. If the insurance here would be more generous, this would undoubtedly lead to fraud, which would have to be financed by the contributions of all insured persons.

However, there are exceptions to a limited extent: some insurers are exposed to damage caused by the loss of foreign keys, such as the exchange of locks and, if necessary, the cost of temporary security measures.


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