The CDTI, through the INNVIERTE program, has selected three venture capital funds specialized in the seed phases with which it will mobilize more than 90 million euros in the coming months.

Image result for cdtiWith this measure, the creation and start-up of technology-based companies arising from the field of research will be financed. Of these, 38.5 million euros will be contributed by INNVIERTE and the rest will come from other investors, mainly private investors.

In the coming months, the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), a body under the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, will mobilize more than 90 million euros, including public and private funds, to invest in technology companies from different sectors that have emerged of the field of research.

These investments will be made within the framework of the INNVIERTE program, which aims to promote, through private-public risk capital, the development and consolidation of innovative companies with great capacity for economic growth and a high potential for return.

For this purpose, three private Spanish private equity entities specialized in investing in seed capital have been recently selected. The selected investment initiatives are: Beable Innvierte KETS Fund FCR, Columbus Life Science FCR and Caixa Start Innvierte FCR.

In this election, together with the viability and adequacy of its investment strategy, the experience of the management team as an investor in the initial phases of technology companies has been valued, as well as its capacity to identify opportunities arising from technologies generated in research organizations. and to attract private investors.

The final objective is that those Spanish companies that are in a very early stage of their development can implement business plans that are 2 technology-intensive, market-oriented and can accelerate their growth.

The funds must have an appropriate management structure, a majority of private capital and the decision-making process will be based on market criteria.

Since its creation in 2012, the INNVIERTE program participates in various public-private initiatives in different sectors and has made 89 investments in technological SMEs for an amount exceeding 100 million euros.

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Use Tank Apps to save fuel and save money

Refuel cheap with tank apps now

Image result for fuelThe trend of tank apps is becoming more and more widespread. These are programs that you download to your smartphone and that will show you where to get the cheapest fuel. The tank apps work according to the following principle: the petrol stations report the current fuel prices to the Bundeskartellamt. This in turn passes on the prices to the market transparency department. From this then the operators of the tank apps get the information about where motor vehicle owners can refuel cheap and give them to you as a user on the gas station app on. So you always know which is the cheapest gas station in your area. Refuel cheap by comparing the prices for you – that sounds good? Then read on which tank apps you will smartly refuel in the future and save.

How can you save money with the tank apps?

Image result for fuelWith the tank apps, you can save money by having the cheapest fuel prices of petrol stations in your area displayed on your smartphone. Afterwards you can target the gas station, where the prices are currently the cheapest for refueling.


Good to know: According to the Federal Cartel Office, you can save up to 10 cents per liter of gasoline if you use the petrol station apps to drive to the right petrol station.

Which tank apps are there?


With the tank apps on your smartphone, you can see where you can refuel cheaply. The petrol station app will show you the corresponding petrol station including address, distance and opening hours in list form or on a map. Depending on which operating system you use with your smartphone, you can use the featured apps with both Android and iOS. Below is a selection of three popular and popular tank apps:


The Tank-App Clever-refueling has been several times test winner in computer or car image since its introduction in 1999. With this app, you have the opportunity to see the prices for gasoline, diesel and LPG. In addition, you have the option to request prices for Superplus, Premium Superplus, Premium Diesel and natural gas. On request, the app shows the gas station including the corresponding prices clearly on a map display. You can even use the function of push notifications with this app once a gas station has reached your chosen desired price. Clever fueling costs you 1.99 euros a year.

Refuel multiple

Even with the refueling app, you have the option of selecting your specific type of fuel in the search functions. You can also set a desired search radius. So you can find a cheap gas station in your area or on request at a specific destination. The use of the app is free for you. In addition to normal petrol stations, you can also find electric charging stations via the tool.

Thanks to Tank apps, you always know where it’s most convenient / Image: Ulf Wittrock / Shutterstock

ADAC fuel prices

With the ADAC petrol station app, you can not only see which petrol station you use at a very low charge. The program also informs you whether there are any tolls on the way to a cheap petrol station. Both for Android and iOS, the app is free. Another advantage is that you will not see any annoying ads while using this app.

The advantages of tank apps at a glance

  • The tank apps show you at a glance where you can refuel cheap in your area.
  • Depending on which vehicle model you own, you can choose in the settings whether the petrol station app should compare petrol prices, diesel prices or car prices for you. Optionally you also have the opportunity to search for electric charging stations.
  • About falling fuel prices, you can be informed by push message.
  • If you have decided on a gas station, you can navigate directly to the app via the app.

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Tips to put your personal finances in order before going on vacation

On holidays you can also save

Image result for holidaysThe holidays come, a moment of peace, relaxation, recover our body and mind, and of course, disconnect from our day to day. Something, often the latter is difficult to achieve. New technologies, although they are our partners in our daily tasks, also often prevent us from achieving this disconnection. One of the clearest examples is in finance and insurance. Of course, for example, with our Smartphone we can make many arrangements at any time and almost anywhere, but this should not be our goal, on the contrary, it should be the emergency resource before some finances in order. We leave you a series of tips to get it and enjoy this well-deserved rest:


Have the vacation expense correctly planned:

In vacations we spend more money, it is like that, we leave our routine and not only pay for the displacement or accommodation, we also go out to restaurants, we make excursions, we buy gifts … It is therefore important to reserve an adequate amount for these expenses, add a percentage of safety margin and try to adapt to this budget.

To all this, we must not forget that, although we are far from home, our home is generating expenditure: community of owners, rent or mortgage or even services such as electricity, water or gas, in which they charge you high fixed amounts regardless of if you consume or not.

Avoid extra financial expenses when withdrawing money or making payments

Another of the basic recommendations is to try to plan how you are going to pay the expenses of your vacations to avoid extra costs. One of the examples are ATMs, if you are going to need to take money look at those near your vacation place you can get money without commission or as low as possible. Another is the credit cards, there are many entities that allow you to increase the credit temporarily to face your higher expenses.

And, finally, let’s not forget the currency exchange. Carrying currency is increasingly expensive with respect to other means of payment and inefficient, as soon as you have to manage the return of what was not spent. Therefore, try not to change too much, preferably in a financial institution, which will charge less commissions than the exchange houses of the airport and tourist places -especially in destination- and allocate them to small payments or in places where we do not have security.

That all your insurance is up to date and collects all the information

If insurance is important always … on vacation even more. A clear example is in health insurance as the range offered by Aegon , not only will you have coverage in any type of Spain, also abroad, with benefits that you will not only gain in peace of mind, but you will also save money.

For this, verify that you have all your insurance up to date and take all the basic information, such as contact numbers in case of emergency

And prepare the expenses when you come back

We do not want to embitter your holidays, but after returning from holidays, not only does life go on, but it also begins with important expenses such as going back to school. Therefore, in your planning take into account these disbursements, and even if possible, anticipate part of these expenses so that it does not pose an added problem when you return.

Having finances in order, allows us to enjoy our vacations better and more peacefully. The key is to know what we can do and what we can not do and adapt to reality, we will avoid problems and so when we return, we can start thinking about when our next holidays will be.

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