The CDTI, through the INNVIERTE program, has selected three venture capital funds specialized in the seed phases with which it will mobilize more than 90 million euros in the coming months.

Image result for cdtiWith this measure, the creation and start-up of technology-based companies arising from the field of research will be financed. Of these, 38.5 million euros will be contributed by INNVIERTE and the rest will come from other investors, mainly private investors.

In the coming months, the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), a body under the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, will mobilize more than 90 million euros, including public and private funds, to invest in technology companies from different sectors that have emerged of the field of research.

These investments will be made within the framework of the INNVIERTE program, which aims to promote, through private-public risk capital, the development and consolidation of innovative companies with great capacity for economic growth and a high potential for return.

For this purpose, three private Spanish private equity entities specialized in investing in seed capital have been recently selected. The selected investment initiatives are: Beable Innvierte KETS Fund FCR, Columbus Life Science FCR and Caixa Start Innvierte FCR.

In this election, together with the viability and adequacy of its investment strategy, the experience of the management team as an investor in the initial phases of technology companies has been valued, as well as its capacity to identify opportunities arising from technologies generated in research organizations. and to attract private investors.

The final objective is that those Spanish companies that are in a very early stage of their development can implement business plans that are 2 technology-intensive, market-oriented and can accelerate their growth.

The funds must have an appropriate management structure, a majority of private capital and the decision-making process will be based on market criteria.

Since its creation in 2012, the INNVIERTE program participates in various public-private initiatives in different sectors and has made 89 investments in technological SMEs for an amount exceeding 100 million euros.

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